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What is The Learning Curve?

The Learning Curve is a structured 48 week student wellbeing program helping students to become their best possible selves. We do this by providing positive wellbeing topics and activities which are underpinned by evidence based research in positive education. Weekly topics and activities are derived from a combination of six equally important elements which when exercised in conjunction with each other can show how healthy your state of wellbeing is.

Who developed The Learning Curve?

Positive Education author, educator, speaker and ex-principal Mick Walsh created and authored The Learning Curve Positive Education Wellbeing Program using evidence based research which is used in numerous schools around the globe.

How is the program structured?

The Learning Curve program is available in three ways:
• Student and Staff Planners
• Student wellbeing Journals
• Stand alone online student wellbeing program

Online Program

What is my username and password for the online program and can I change it?

Our online program is provided free of charge when purchasing student planners and journals. Minimum quantities apply. A username and password will be provided by your account manager and can be used by the whole school community to access the online materials that support the planners.

Can students access information found in the online program?

This is up to each school to decide if access is available for students.

Can I purchase online only?

Yes, we can provide a quote for a yearly school-wide license to the online student wellbeing program only. Staff access is free when purchasing the school-wide license.

What would you suggest is the best way to start implementing the Learning Curve?

In baby steps. Arrange for students and staff to complete the online free Values In Action Institute’s adolescent and adult surveys on www.viacharater.org to determine their top strengths. Then ask staff to do one or two activities for the first couple of weeks. When their confidence grows, suggest they try more activities.

How can we motivate students and staff to engage in doing the activities?

Do the visioning activity on the website called Image of Our Best Possible Selves to enable students and staff to describe the type of person they wish to become. Then explain “doing” comes before “becoming” and the activities are the pathways to achieving their vision of themselves.

There are quite a lot of activities each week in the program, do we have to do all of them?

No definitely not. We offer an extensive range of weekly activities so schools can select those which fit their context and their different year level cohorts.


Which planner is best for which year levels?

We recommend the following planner for the year levels based on the content provided within:

Early Communication Planner – Prep-2

Learning Curve Primary Planner – Years 3-6

Learning Curve Middle Secondary Planner – Years 7-9

Learning Curve Senior Secondary Planner – Years 10-12


Journals are available for the following year levels:

Prep-2 / Years 3&4 / Years 5&6 / Years 7&8 / Years 9&10 / Years 11&12

What are the differences between the planners and journals?

Our Journals are undated and offer numerous fun wellbeing activities based around the weekly wellbeing topic much like a workbook. Our planners offer the same weekly wellbeing program and an area to record homework, events and assignments. Journals are used by schools that already have a planner and want to run a stand alone program or schools that want to separate their planner from the program to allow more space.

Can I purchase one planner sample to have a look at?

We don’t sell our planners and journals individually. They are designed to be used as a class set or as a whole school approach to wellbeing in conjunction with our online resources as a structured 48 week program. We can however offer a PDF/e-book and a temporary login to our online program so you can view.

Can I build my own planner or customise to suit our content?

Of course! All of our stock planners can be adjusted to suit your needs. Alternatively, if you have a layout in mind we can work on a design from scratch. All stock prices include customisation of the front cover and school specific pages, but if you would like to go further you can customise the following:

• Weekly layout

• Rear cover

• Overprints (important events printed on the relevant date throughout the year)

• Tips/Things to Remember specific to your school. e.g. Psalms


Please note: Custom layout versions attract a different price structure.

Can I add extras like pockets for example?

Of course! These can be added during the quoting stage. If added at a later date we will advise in writing the extra cost. Extras cannot be added after your order has gone into production.

Do you offer staff wellbeing products?

Yes! We offer staff wellbeing planners which contain the wellbeing program, professional development and access to author and ex-principal Mick Walsh for staff wellbeing support.

Can I re-order more planners or journals later in the year?

Certainly! We require a minimum quantity of 30 for all re-orders so please factor this in when placing your first order. We suggest adding 5% or 10% on top of your initial order to allow for any lost or damaged planners or new students to your school.

Can I buy your products in store?

No, we currently provide our products to schools directly.


How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed by emailing sales@learningcurve.com.au and we will make contact to obtain your school logo and school copy page files and confirmations. You can also email any questions you may have prior to ordering to sales@learningcurve.com.au. Please make sure any purchase order numbers you require us to place on paperwork are provided when ordering.

What are the payment terms for schools?

14 days from receipt of invoice.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept credit card, cheque or EFT payments.

Can I pay out of the following years school budget?

Yes. Please inform us of this when ordering.

When do I need to send my content/copy in?

ASAP! Providing new/updated/edited content and approving artwork proofs with enough time to produce school planners is critical when a specific delivery date is to be met.


Production time is 6-8 weeks from sign off of artwork. Prior to this we need to allow approximately three weeks for the design and proofing process. We generally provide a maximum of three proofs/opportunities to make changes. Working backwards, approximately 10 weeks from your required delivery date is when you will need to supply us with your content.

How do I supply images or logo files?

We require images, artwork or logos to be supplied as high resolution files of at least 300dpi. File types preferred are Illustrator files (vector/EPS) or PDF for logos and high resolution JPGs for other images.

Will I receive a proof to check?

Yes, PDF proofs will be supplied of your school specific content and cover design for checking and/or approval. We do not proofread your content so it is a requirement of the school to check each proof carefully. We will advise how best to provide corrections to the proofs electronically. We will avoid taking major corrections over the phone. Please ensure a contact at the school is available by phone or email during November-January for signing off of proofs.

Will my order be ready for the start of the school year?

Production time of 6-8 weeks begins after you have signed off on your artwork proofs and we have received your approval form to go to print. We ask that schools follow the timeline shown here where possible:

September – school specific content sent to us for setting.

October/November – proofs supplied and signed off to go to print.

November/December – production.

December/January – delivery dependent upon when content is first supplied. Late supply of content and therefore delayed sign off on proofs, will result in your delivery timeframe not being met.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery is dependent upon location being metro-based or rural. Our general delivery times for each State are below. Timeframes are an approximate. We cannot always guarantee an exact delivery date due to unforseen circumstances, so we ask that you take this into consideration when supplying content, updates and preferred delivery date.

QLD – 4-7 days approx.

NSW – 3-4 days approx.

SA – 4 days approx.

NT – 7-10 days approx.

WA – 7 days approx.

VIC – 2 days approx.

TAS – 4 days approx.


Do you offer in-school professional development and tutorials on how to use the program?

Yes. Our education consultants are all ex-principals who have used the program and can advise on the most successful ways to incorporate the program into the school curriculum. They are on hand to offer free Skype, email and phone support or can provide professional development in whole day, half day or staff meeting times at a cost discussed with them directly.

Do you supply to schools overseas?

Please contact sales@learningcurve.com.au for more information.

Where can I provide feedback?

We welcome any feedback about the program or products via sales@learningcurve.com.au